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The Art of Cozy Interior Design – A Parisian Pied-à-Terre Reborn

Updated: Mar 6

In the embrace of winter's chill, the pursuit of a captivating cozy interior design becomes an artful endeavor.

Cozy interior design project by Lorenzo Casillo of a french apartment

Nestled in the heart of the Left Bank of Paris, an international couple with four children entrusted the creative genius of interior design Lorenzo Castillo to metamorphose their 19th-century Haussmannian sandstone building into an opulent fairy tale. Today, this transformed pied-à-terre stands as a beacon of inspiration for seasoned designers seeking to embrace the timeless allure of a cozy aesthetic.

Lorenzo Castillo’ Vision

Driven by a vision of creating a sanctuary of comfort and sophistication, Castillo meticulously crafted an interior that seamlessly blends contemporary art and antique French furniture. The carefully chosen palette, a harmonious interplay of rich textures and vibrant hues, seamlessly captures the surrounding Parisian ambiance, transforming each room into an oasis of warmth and elegance.

Luxury design of a french apartment kitchen in green and black marble palette

Master bathroom

Luxury geometrical master batheroom with accents of gren and golden brass details

Stepping into the master bathroom is akin to entering a symphony of marble and bronze, where opulence and refinement intertwine. Complicated veneers intertwined with brass doors and framed mirrors create a luxurious ambiance, while custom-made marble vanity tops, showers, and moldings, adorned with brass and trim, exemplify Castillo's meticulous craftsmanship. Devon & Devon sink fittings and French Art Deco sconces seamlessly integrate, adding a touch of timeless warmth to this captivating space.

Master bedroom

Cozy interior design inspired on the 1900's with a lot of texture, patterns and strong colorful hues

The master bedroom unfolds as a sanctuary of enchantment, adorned with a Manuel Canovas print gracing a custom-made armchair and a Louis XV gilt-wood canapé illuminated by a vintage Maison Charles lamp. The interplay of rich textures, saturated colors, and Joan Miró's artwork guides a journey into the sublime. White bedding, contrasted with patterned accent furniture, adds a layer of opulence, encapsulating the essence of cozy interior design at its finest.

Dining Room

Spanish style dining table in a blue and yellow over a striped blue rug

The dining area, a symphony of colors and textures, features a table and chairs in Mariano Farrugia's traditional Spanish blue leather, reminiscent of a cozy Spanish tavern. Frederik Molenschot's wavy chandelier balances the room's colors, while fresh foliage brings the outdoors in, infusing vibrancy and inviting warmth to the space.

Living room

French vintage style living room with a lot of bright warm colors and shapes

In the living room, a velvety masterpiece emerges – a double-sided custom sofa seamlessly dividing the space, inviting conversation and relaxation. Vibrant stripe armchairs coexist with a Chanel-style sofa and a blue armchair, offering a play of vibrancy and calm. Roger Oates' expansive rug anchors the room, emphasizing the charm of the showcased art on the walls, all contributing to the captivating ambiance of this cozy haven.

Family Room

Blue-toned 70's inspired family room with a bright orange couch and stools

The family room, a testament to the spirit of the '70s, embraces warmth with a vibrant orange sofa. This bold choice injects energy and vitality, complemented by matching stools, a pendant, and lively artwork, creating a harmonious and groovy atmosphere that resonates with the sought-after cozy aesthetic.

Cozy interior designs with Móveis Marantes

Throughout the pied-à-terre, Castillo's masterful orchestration of textures, patterns, colors, and styles seamlessly blends historical and contemporary references, creating a timeless sanctuary of comfort and elegance. The project serves as an inspiration, showcasing the fusion of multiple decades to create an enduring design statement.

To further ignite your design inspiration, delve into Móveis Marantes' Elevate Your Space blog page, where seasoned interior designers and unique furniture designs await. Immerse yourself in the warmth of exquisite interiors and elevate your projects with curated insights tailored for the discerning eye. Embrace the timeless allure of cozy interior design and transform your home into a haven of comfort and sophistication.

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