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How to Enhance Your Patio Design like Lucy Williams

As the sun graces us with warmth between winter clouds, the eagerness to refresh patio design grows.

Lucy William West London house patio design

Embrace the cozy charm of your outdoor spaces, even during the winter months, with these practical tips. And for those seeking inspiration, let's delve into how Lucy Williams transformed her West London house garden into a relaxation retreat.

Tips for Enhancing Your Garden

As we embark on the journey to enhance our outdoor spaces, creating a patio that seamlessly blends style with comfort becomes paramount.

Móveis Marantes wooden bench on blooming garden

Prioritizing Comfort

Create an inviting outdoor space by investing in stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture. Consider contemporary designs or timeless classics that offer both comfort and aesthetics. Because comfort is key, it's important to make you want to linger outdoors even as the temperatures drop.


Less is More

Most houses don’t have a large outdoor living area to work with. Taking that into consideration, the next step is to maximize your limited outdoor living area by using landscaping elements to define the space. Pergolas, gazebos, or a row of planters can add a sense of enclosure and intimacy, shaping your patio to reflect your personal style.

wooden furniture for garden landscaping decor

Enhancing the Area with Greenery and Accessories

Transform your patio into a charming winter escape by adding green layers and decorative items. Pots filled with evergreens, sculptures, and lanterns provide visual interest and infuse warmth into your outdoor design. Consider specific plants and accessories that resonate with your taste, creating a personalized oasis.


Give a Purpose to the Space

Designate specific areas for relaxation – a cozy reading nook, a lounging spot, or a space for enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Soft throws, pillows, and cozy blankets add an extra layer of comfort, making your outdoor space even more inviting.


Lucy Williams' House Renovation: A Closer Look

Digital creative and brand consultant Lucy Williams embarked on her first renovation journey, shaping the Victorian terrace patio into a relaxation retreat. In collaboration with Chantal at Flower Michelin Architects, Lucy transformed her Victorian terrace patio into a delightful retreat. Taking cues from the original brickwork, they added an inset arch over the window and concealed the pitched roof. The result? A south-facing garden that feels private yet celebrates the outdoors.

Lucy Williams posing in english-style classic living room

How Lucy Williams Did It

Lucy's renovation journey is an illuminating case study that mirrors the practical tips we've explored earlier. Just as we emphasized the importance of prioritizing comfort in outdoor spaces, Lucy's project showcases how the careful selection of stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture transformed her patio into a haven. The consideration of landscaping elements to maximize limited space is evident in her use of pergolas and plantings, creating an intimate and personalized atmosphere.

Lucy Williams' English patio design with outdoor bistro set  framed by garden greenery

To enhance the area with greenery and delimit the space and inspired by the English country garden aesthetic, the space is framed by painted wooden doors and windows that connect with the house kitchen and adorned with alliums and aquilegia for a rambling urban idyll. This resonates with our suggestion to transform your patio into a charming escape using green layers and decorative items.

Envisioning sipping warm cups of coffee while feeling the early morning breeze, Lucy completed the design with a comfortable bistro set. The wooden tones of the set in this relaxation corner matched the brown brick walls, achieving a consistent and tropical look, and showcasing how purposeful design can elevate the entire outdoor experience.

Lucy Williams' journey is not just an inspiring story; it's a case study in patio enhancement that aligns with the practical considerations we've discussed. By drawing parallels between her choices and our tips, we hope to offer you a tangible example of how these concepts can be applied in real-world scenarios.

Grow Inspiration in Your Backyard

As warmer days beckon, follow these keys to make your patio warmer and cozier: prioritize comfort, maximize space, embrace greenery, and assign a purpose to each area. Whether you follow these practical tips or draw inspiration from Lucy Williams' design journey, your patio can become a haven of warmth and style.

Night time outdoor garden space decorated with metallic bistro set and dark wooden garden bench

For ongoing inspiration, explore the outdoor selection from Móveis Marantes on social media. See for yourself the elegance and artistry of our exquisite garden bench!

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