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How to Decorate for Spring: Transitioning Your Home for the Season (Part 2)

As the seasons change, our desire to revitalize our living spaces increases, ushering in the fresh vitality of spring decor. Transitioning seamlessly between winter and spring offers a rejuvenating change that invigorates both the mind and the senses.

Green dining room decorated for spring

In this continuation of our series, we draw inspiration from the impeccable design of 2LG's Perry Rise project—a testament to timeless elegance that effortlessly captures the essence of spring all year round.

Introducing 2 Lovely Gays (2LG)

2LG Studio, based in South East London and founded by the creative duo Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, specializes in residential and commercial interiors, design consultancy, and styling. Collaborating with leading designers and showcasing rising talents is integral to their approach, creating spaces and pieces that truly inspire.

2LG designers sitting by their modern kitchen counter on their Perry Rise project

In every project they pour their hearts and souls into, they envision an environment for growth and happiness. Simplicity, elegance, functionality, and their signature use of color; the Perry Rise project is a stunning example of this design philosophy in action.

Perry Rise – The Design House

Nestled in Forest Hill, South East London, this Victorian detached house has undergone a whimsical transformation under the skilled hands of 2LG Studio. From the soft blush pink walls to the deep green carpets and scallop-edged doors, every feature within the Perry Rise residence speaks volumes about the meticulous attention to detail that defines 2LG's approach. This office-cum-residence serves as both a sanctuary and a workspace, embodying the duo's commitment to creating spaces that inspire and invigorate.

The Perry Rise project epitomizes a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication, where every design choice effortlessly transcends seasonal boundaries. Throughout the space, one is greeted by a symphony of design elements carefully curated to exude warmth and vitality, irrespective of the season.

The objective of the project was clear—to express the designers' true selves and showcase their unique design perspectives.

How 2LG Nails Spring Decor

Disrupting Norms

2LG Studio loves to disrupt norms, and in the Perry Rise project, they aimed to disrupt the period setting of the architecture. This approach resonates with the idea of transitioning from winter to spring decor by breaking away from traditional design norms and embracing fresh, unconventional ideas.

Pink door frame with white scalloped edge trim
Green dining room with pink chairs, 2LG's spring decor

Drawing Inspiration from Nature

The designers found inspiration in the surrounding garden, incorporating elements like the central apple tree, old English roses, and camellia tree into the interior color palette and floral motifs. This aligns perfectly with the concept of bringing the outdoors in, a key aspect of spring decor.

Living room with blue couch and green throw pillows inspired by nature
Colorful room with vanity and chair set with wavy shapes inspired by natural soft beauty

Bold Color Choices

While maintaining an overall elegant aesthetic, 2LG Studio introduced bold colors like sea green in the sitting room, creating a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere. This echoes the idea of incorporating pops of color to infuse cheer into your home, a hallmark of spring decor.

Coastal-inspired living room in shades of sea green and white

Innovative Design Elements

Including unique design elements, such as the pill-shaped table made from jesmonite adds a touch of creativity and originality to the space. This demonstrates how innovative design choices can elevate your decor and make a statement—a principle applicable to both spring and year-round design.

Sea green living room featuring a modern jesmonite pill-shaped table

By combining bold design choices with a thoughtful consideration of seasonal aesthetics, 2LG Studio has transformed Perry Rise into a space that defies seasonal boundaries and celebrates the essence of spring throughout the year.

Spring up your ideas

Transitioning between winter and spring decor is a transformative journey that celebrates the beauty of change and renewal. By drawing inspiration from the impeccable design of 2LG's Perry Rise project and embracing the enduring charm of spring, you can create a home that effortlessly transitions between seasons, infusing your space with timeless elegance and vibrant energy.

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Photographies by Megan Taylor


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