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Exotic Woods: Unveiling Durable Outdoor Furniture Materials

As the warmer days begin to peek through winter's clouds, fresh ideas for redecorating outdoor spaces emerge. At Móveis Marantes, we've observed a surge in demand for outdoor projects, reflecting an increased desire for durable and stylish outdoor furniture, capable of withstanding the elements and offering years of enjoyment.

Patio design of exterior lounge and outdoor kitchen with white durable outdoor furniture materials
Photographed by Loukianos Arnaoutakis

When clients entrust us with projects and are uncertain about the ideal materials for durable outdoor furniture, our seasoned artisans consistently recommend high-quality, weather-resistant tropical woods: Kambala and Iroko. If you're delving into the world of exotic wood and looking to elevate your outdoor space with durable furniture materials, allow this article to shed light on the optimal choices for your project.

Why Choose Durable Outdoor Furniture Materials?

Investing in durable outdoor furniture materials isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating lasting value and minimizing maintenance. Imagine sun-drenched loungers that retain their beauty year after year, or dining tables that withstand unpredictable weather without warping or cracking. This is the promise of using high-quality materials like Iroko and Kambala.

Outdoor kitchen design with long island and table set for six people
Photographed by Loukianos Arnaoutakis

Why Iroko and Kambala?

These African-origin woods stand out as captivating choices for durable outdoor furniture materials. Beyond their exceptional density and resistance to harsh weather conditions, their unique hues infuse elegance and sophistication into outdoor spaces. Our craftsmen favor working with them due to their ease of manipulation, whether by machines or manual processes, and their consistency that results in impeccable finishing looks. However, their most compelling feature lies in their durability, as these exotic woods resist fungi and xylophagous insect attacks, making them ideal for crafting durable outdoor constructions and structures.

Kambala top detail on exterior bistro table for exterior
Kambala legs details on exterior bistro table for exterior

Delving into the World of Durable Woods

While both Iroko and Kambala excel in durability, understanding their unique characteristics empowers informed decision-making.

Iroko grain and pattern plank exhibit with a reddish-brown hue on a frabic setting


Often the preferred choice for producers, Iroko is easier to work with compared to Kambala, making it ideal for projects with intricate details. This West African wood boasts a golden shimmer and distinctive grain patterns, ranging in surface color from golden brown to dark brown. Minimal maintenance is required, with occasional cleaning and oiling to prevent darkening with age.


Kambala grain and pattern plank exhibit with a reddish-brown hue on a frabic setting


Denser and stronger than Iroko, Kambala is a superior choice for demanding applications, though it necessitates more specialized woodworking techniques. This West and Central African wood is favored by designers for its unique rustic appearance, featuring golden-yellow to reddish-brown tones with distinctive streaks and a pronounced grain pattern. Similar to Iroko, it requires minimal maintenance, involving periodic cleaning and oiling.


Iroko Vs Kambala: Resume




West Africa

West & Central Africa



Very high


Very strong

Exceptionally strong

Rot Resistance




Generally easy

More challenging, and requires specific techniques


Golden brown to dark brown

Golden yellow to reddish brown

Grain Pattern

Interlocked, medium to coarse

Interlocked, medium to coarse with pronounced streaks


Low, periodic cleaning and occasional oiling

Low, similar to Iroko

Partnering with Móveis Marantes for Lasting Beauty

To fully embrace the forthcoming warmer days, choosing the right materials for durable outdoor furniture that withstand all-season exposure to outdoor conditions is paramount. For exceptional strength and durability in demanding outdoor environments with a distinctive rustic appearance, Kambala is the optimal choice. However, if your project leans towards intricate details, ease of woodworking, and a classic aesthetic, Iroko is the way to go.

Let Móveis Marantes guide you in creating outdoor spaces that not only impress your clients but also enrich their lives. Explore Móveis Marantes' selection of durable outdoor furniture materials and request a consultation today to embark on transforming your outdoor spaces into resilient and luxurious retreats!

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